Ken Lin

Software engineer, inventor, and micropreneur.

Transforming data to information.

I create software

I design and engineer software, dataviz, and datascience products for professional, enterprise, and personal use.

I am excited building cloud and private web services supporting my interests.


My P1Software venture provides software, dataviz, and datascience for professional motorsports teams, including teams that have won the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona.

P1TS assists with real-time strategy and with post-session analysis.

Coders may find my first hand JavaScript and Java web services comparison interesting.

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Cloud Computing

As an AWS Technical Professional, I enjoy creating full stack solutions, after having spent several years designing and engineering enterprise SaaS components.

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Mind Map

I've worked on many aspects of computing and software engineering. Here's a mind map of the many things I do, from complete full stack software down to systems software, where I started.

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Projects I've created

Here's a gallery of some personal open source projects and code I've recently created.

AWS EC2 Price Comparison Chart

This interactive chart and web service makes it easy to visually price compare AWS EC2 on-demand and reserved instance offerings and see break-even points and monthly savings.

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HTML 5 Christmas Tree

This HMTL 5 canvas demo draws a Christmas tree. If you're a real bithead, you might be able to guess the secret message in its ornaments. Otherwise you'll need someone to read the fine code!

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2JSON Web Service

The 2JSON Web Service allows front-end developers to easily use non-JSON data, so they can concentrate on creating useful visualizations like Craig LaBan's 76 favorite restaurant locator and Philadelphia red light camera locator (mentioned in Philly).

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P1Lapchart Web Service

The P1Lapchart Web Service translates motorsports race results so it can be used to create interactive D3.js visualizations like this.

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RTDFile Excel Add-In

The RTDFile Excel add-in automatically updates spreadsheet cells from their source tab-delimited data files as they change. There's an interesting motorsports backstory about its origins.

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