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Time * Speed = Distance

hr  min  sec
mi  ft  in
Calculate either Time, Speed, or Distance (TSD) by supplying the other two values and pressing the button for the desired value
  • If you are 0.010sec behind the leader and your speed at the finish is 40mph, press Distance to find you are 7in behind.
  • If it takes 8hr 30min to drive 530mi (to visit our relatives), press Speed to find you average 62.3mph

PAX Time = Time * Index

sec Calculate the PAX time by multiplying the TSD calculator's time by the 2009 PAX Index.
  • If the TSD calculator's Time above is 60.0 sec select the PAX index for STU and 50.16 sec will be displayed in the PAX time field on the left.

Time = Time1 - Time2

sec - sec Calculate the difference between two times and display the result in the TSD calculator
  • If the leader's time is 36.182 and your time is 38.067, press Difference and 1.885 will be displayed in TSD's Time field.

Distance = 2 * PI * Radius * (Angle / 360)

in   deg Calculate the linear difference in distance between two constant radius arcs and display the result in the TSD calculator
  • If you drive a 180deg constant radius turn-around 12in tighter, press Arc Distance and 3ft 1.69in will be displayed in TSD's Distance field. Subsequently, if you drove at 45mph, press TSD's Time to find this drops 0.047sec off your time.
  • If you could increase the Earth's radius by 12in (360deg), press Arc Distance and you'll find you only increase its circumference by 6ft 3.39in!

Tire Dimensions

Overall Width mm
Aspect Ratio
Wheel Diameter in
Calculate tire dimensions or revolutions by supplying all values except the one desired and press the button for the desired value. See Tire Rack's tire info diagram. Here are Tire Rack specs for competition tires:

Event Times

Start Time    AM PM
Number of Drivers cars
Number of Runs
Launch Interval sec between cars
Breaks and Delays , , , mins
Estimate the time of day when the last car will finish from the time of day the first car leaves the start line, the number of drivers and runs, launch rate between cars, and various breaks and delays.
  • If the first car starts at 10:00am and you have 180 drivers with 4 runs each, and the course is designed so that it is safe to launch cars with a 30 second interval between cars, your last car will finish at about 5:35pm assuming 10 minutes for morning and afternoon heat changes, a 60 minute midday break for carts and one course walk, and 15 minutes for unexpected delays.
  • On the other hand, if you keep the same parameters above but were able to launch cars at a 25 second intervals, the last car will finish at about 4:35pm - shortening the event by over an hour!

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